Marilyn Monroe ❤

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I came across this picture above which I also have in my room and I thought It would be fun to talk about Marilyn Monroe’s makeup and how you can do your’s similar. Now I just want to start off saying that I am a big Marilyn Monroe fan and have been for a while now and I see her as a big role model in the makeup industry in the fact that she has that signature deep red lip and the ”cat eye” winged eyeliner look. The following products listed well be products that I recommend and that I myself wear. Lets jump into it! First its the face. Marilyn has some amazing highlighting and contouring going on and what I tend to do is get two of the same foundations in two different shades, one for highlighting and one for contouring. The foundations I use are maybelline (listed bellow). If you are new to the whole contouring, highlighting thing here is what it should look like before you blend it out of course.

(King of crazy I know  LOL!)

Next step are the eyes in other words eyeliner. I love the winged eyeliner look even thought I almost never have time for it LOL. What I noticed Ms. Monroe does is she takes a neutral color show to the crease of the eye also adding a white shadow to the tearduct of there eye and browbone to brighten it up a bit and look more professional and then she winged out her black eyeliner. It should look something like this (even thought it might take some practice for beginners).

Third, final and most important step is the lips. She rocks a deep glossy red lip. Now I know matte lips are a things right now but the glossy lips are more classy like Marilyn Monroe so make sure it is glossy. What you should always do is add a lip liner first because it makes the color stay on longer ( just a quick tip ❤ ). Next is the lipstick, Just a classic deep red lipstick is all you really need. Last but not least is the gloss, apply this and you well be good to go.

I hope you found this helpful!


Ash ❤

 (Two shades for countering and highlighting. Found at any drugstore or ulta.)

 (Perfect eyeliner to use. Its the NYC liquid liner in black found at target.)

 (Perfect shadow to use, Need A white and Brown one. Nyx is found at target or ulta.)

 (NYX Lipstick, gloss and liner All found at target or ulta).

Some Inspiration ❤


The Vintage Cosmetics ❤

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Today I will be talking to you about this website that I have come across and the makeup they sell. The website is called ( This site sells things like cosmetic brushes, eyelashes, accessorizes, and fun makeup bags. The thing that is unique about this site is that it is all vintage themed things. One thing unique about this site is that this is one of the only places you can find vintage themed beauty products. Not only is the packaging cute but the brushes and eyelashes they sell are amazing!!! The eyelashes are very full and fluffy and just look absolutely gorgeous. As for the brushes they are very good quality and really last. I tend to brake my brushes easily by doing something like dropping them or accidentally stepping on them and then I have to throw them away. These are unbreakable, Lol. The brushes are also very think which makes them amazing for applying the foundation, eye-shadow and or powder. This site also has a place where you can buy from other brands and one of the brands it Rimmel. I decided on getting the “STAY MATTE” powder and foundation along with the “WAKE ME UP” concealer. I love these things as well. The foundation is good for someone with oily skin because it is matte it lives up to those standers and really controls the oil throughout the day. Same goes for the pressed powder. When you use these two products together they are just amazing. Now for the concealer, I use this under my eyes in the morning and It really help me look awake, hence the name. It just has this amazing staying power and plus because the formula is so creamy it really covers up your dark circles under your eyes in the morning.(:

I hope this review was helpful and you decide to check out the website. I promise that if you are into the vintage style and makeup as much as I am you well love it.

Feel free to leave a comment!(;

Love you,

Ash ❤

The Vintage Cosmetic Company

(My favorite Nancy lashes) 9.98$

(Foundation brush) 21.70-$

(Powder Brush) 24.80$

(Makeup Bag) 25.58$

Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder 14g(STAY MATTE line) 8-10$

(Wake me up concealer) 8.50$

Elf Product Review ❤

Hello Girls,

Today I well be reviewing Elf Cosmetics. I just want to start off by saying that I have not tried an excessive amount of there products. I do use there brushes a lot and I have grown to love there tinted moisturizer, blush, and  their eyeshadow quad. I do plan on buying more products and reviewing them also, so stay tuned for that. My favorite thing from this line would have to be there brushes, hands down their amazing. I love them so much. They have two lines of brushes. They have the Professional line and the Essential line. The Essential line ranges from 1-3 $ and the Professional line ranges from 3-6$. I well start of saying some of the brushes I have but the ones I don’t and this is because I can not find them in my target (Target is where Elf is sold). So keep in mind they don’t have every single brush in stores, it varies with store. Your best bet might to be just buying them online ( Anyway my three most used brushes would have to be the powder brush, blending brush and, the complexion brush (pics below). They can hold all the product and really blend everything together nicely. Another really good product from the line would be the tinted moisturizer. This stuff is from the professional line so it is about 3$. It has alot of coverage considering it is not a foundation. It is also very good for summer because it has SPF 15 and cucumber in it which makes it good for your skin when you are around the sun. So that is a bonus.(: The blush is also very good. I love the studio blush line. It is about 3$. My favorite shade is Blushing Rose. This is like a cranberry shade which really makes my skin glow. This shade is also very pigmented. The last product is the eyeshadow quad. This is amazing and I would highly recommend it. It is 2$ and they have about 6 ranges of colors to choose from which makes it fun to pick which one you love. I have the brown one (pic below) and I always use this one for school. It is just such a natural color and is perfect for me and my brown eyes. I use the darkest shade in my crease and the lightest on my lid and brow bone. I well also say that it stays on all day and has very good pigmentation. So I well definitely recommend it especially on days where you have no time to get ready. Making life a lot easier.

I hope this review was helpful. Leave recommendations down below. Thanks(:

Love ya, Ash ❤

(Powder Brush)

(Complexion Brush)

(Blending Brush)


Hello Girls,

Today I decided to wright about AVON products. My mom is a Representative and she sells AVON. So you could imagine how many AVON products I own(;. Anyway, a couple of things from AVON that I love would be the eyeliners, lip products, foundations, eye shadows, nail polishes, and countable perfumes, body products and jewelry. I decide to give some reviews on my most used makeup from this line. I will start off by saying the the eye liners from this line are fantastic. I have gone through like 10 of these already. The price is about 7 dollars but I tend to get them when they are on sale for around 2.99-3.99. They have an amazing color range that is very true to color. I just get the black ones but never the less they are very pigmented and have great staying power. Also from the liners line they have brow liners which are amazing and really match your brow color and they have the lip liners which are gorgeous on the lips. Now that I am talking about the lips I might as well give a shout out to the dew kiss lip balm that I love. This makes your lips very dewy (hence the name) and they are also very moisturizing. They don’t leave color on the lips but honestly they are just great as little lip moisturizers in the winter time(: (these are about .99 cents not on sale). They have a line of polish called the 30 second polish. It is said to dry in 30 seconds. I well say the color is pretty but as for drying in 30 seconds that not true. It does dry fast but more like 1 minute or 2. But that is still pretty fast consider what other nail polishes dry in. (These are about 4.99 not on sale). For the shadows not only do they have many beautiful colors to pick and choose for you eye colors which I think this is nice but they have very nice pigmentation and they don’t crease which I appreciate (I have not tried the cream products or loose powders. I have only used the pressed powder eye shadows, they are also about 9.99 not on sale). So I would give these shadows a go. I have saved the best for last. I have been using the cream to powder pressed foundation. I have gone through about 3 of them so far and I am in love with these foundation. My mom also loves them. They make your skin so beautiful and soft looking. They also have a big color selection to choose from so it is impossible not find your skin tine. I plan on using these for a very long time (These are about 12.99 not on sale).

I hope you enjoyed this review and found it helpful. Feel free to leave a comment down below.

Love, Ash ❤

Some Of The Liners

Dew Kiss lip Balm

30 Second Nail Polish

Eye Shadows

Cream To Powder Foundation

Sally Hansen Extreme Wear Nail Polish’s ❤

Hello Girls,

I am back and this week I will be talking about the Sally Hansen Extreme Wear Nail Polish’s. I love the polishes and have been using them since i was very young. The have exactly 45 different shades to choose from and they are all absolutely stunning. ( ). These polishes have amazing staying power and can stay on for about 5 days tops without chipping. They glide on very smooth and dry pretty quickly. I also love the brush that is on the polish. It is good for very easy application. Some of my most used colors from this line are the Mint Sorbet, Lacey Lilac, and the Pacific Blue (pics on these colors are down below if you are interested on what they look like). They also have some very pretty sparkles and golds for the holidays if you are into that type of thing. The line of polishes range from colors like pastel to dark to bright. This makes it very easy to switch up your nail color for the season. These polishes are also very reasonably priced. There range for about 2.00-2.99. Which is very reasonable. You can find them at various places like Target, Walgreen, Ulta and so on. Another good thing about these polishes are that they come in a very slim bottle and this makes it easy storage wise and they also make it very easy to travel with. I hope this helped you and I hope you love these polishes as much as I do and consider trying them if you have not already.

Love, Ash ❤

( Lacy Lilac )

( Mint Sorbet )

( Pacific Blue)

Wet N Wild: Mega Last Lipsticks ❤

Hello Girls,

HAPPY NEW YEAR (2015) !!!!!!! I feel so different writing 2015 out but I am excited to see what the new year brings. I don’t know about you but my makeup collection has grown a lot in the last year (2014) and one brand I have bought a lot from would be “Wet N Wild” Cosmetics. They are super cheap and really really good for the price. One of my favorite products from the brand would have to be the “Mega Shine Lipsticks”. I love my lipstick and these are amazing. They are very pigmented and creamy. They glide on so smoothly which I love and they are not sticky or they do not smell funky like some other lipsticks tend to do. My two favorite shade’s are “Just Peachy” and “Cherry Bomb”. Dont get me wrong I love my pink lip stick just as much as the next makeup hoarder but this season I just simply can’t get enough of my dark purple lips. I also love the red Taylor Swift lip trend right now and if you are into that also I would check out the shade “Stoplight red” really great red. I also love nude lips (also known as the Kylie Jenner lip trend) for the spring and since the season will be creeping up on us I decided to give it a whorl and I am in love with it. Both the colors “Just Peachy and Cherry Bomb” are definitely worth checking out. Also like I said if you love the red lips like I do check out the stop light red. Its the perfect red.

(Cherry Bomb)

(Just Peachy)

Hope this was helpful! Have a Happy New Year!

Love, Ash ❤

Top 7 Drugstore Foundations!!! ❤

Hello Girls,

I have been looking around at the drugstore lately on the hunt for some really great foundations. Since winter is approaching my skin is starting to get a lot more dry on me and I wanted to find some really good foundations to help. (I also started to dig through my collection and found some great ones.) Here are my top 7 foundation that I found to work great for me:

1.) The first one is an oldie but a favorite. I had this foundation in my collection and completely forgot about it. The Covergirl 3 in 1 foundation. ( ). This item runs for about 9 -12 $ depending where you buy it. I payed about 11 for my foundation and i got it at walgreens. This foundation works good for dry skin. It has been making my skin feel very hydrated these day. I LOVE THIS!!!(:

2.) L’Oreal true match is another favorite. ( ). This runs for about 7.99. That is how much I spent and I got it at target. Another good foundation for my dry skin. Love It.

3.)  Revlon Colorstay Is 100% my favorite foundation of all time. (||0 ). I am also in LOVE with the whipped formula. (||0 ). They both run for about 7-11$. I payed about 10 but it is so worth it. My favorite is the whipped formula but they are both good. They are very good at hydrating your skin. They are also very true to color and looks beautiful and flawless on the skin. LOVE IT!!!!!!!

4.) Wet N Wild CoverAll liquid foundation is another good on for dry skin. ( ) it runs for 3.99$. Good Buy.

5.) Revlon Nearly Naked. This makes your skin super soft and feels light on the skin. Love it. (||0 ) This runs for about 8.99$ which is about how much I payed for my foundation. Also this is good for dry skin.

6.) Maybelline FIT Me. ( ). This is great at matching your skin tone and good for sensitive dry/skin. It runs for about 5.99-8.99$. I payed about 5.99$ at target. (You can also get the foundation stick and the concealer. The concealer is also amazing.)

7.) Last one is the Maybeline dream smooth moose foundation. ( ). This stuff feels amazing on the skin. It is great for dry skin. Also is good matching the color of your skin.

Hope this help you all and see you next week.

-love, Ash ❤